It is the core, the densest substance; which has been filtered, purified…

It is the preface of a conversation…

It is a state of ecstasy…

It is the time to be lost in a dream…

It is an instant carrying all the seasons behind…


Hantuman Zeybeği
Ağır Al Yazma Zeybeği
Jandarma Zeybeği
Hüseyni Taksim
Eskişehir Zeybeği
Baylan Cemile
Nihavend Taksim
Koca Ümmet Zeybeği
Kostak Ali Zeybeği
Kasnak Zeybegi
Eviç Taksim
Sabahın Seherinde Ötüyor Kuşlar
Karanlıkdere Zeybeği
Abdurrahman Halayı
Hüseyni Taksim
Tevekte Üzüm Kara
Hasapikos Politiko


DEM’s music takes her roots in the Traditional Anatolian Music, and sails to unknown harbors with the winds of improvisation…This music stands, as one of the first attempts to unite the sounds of baglama and tanbur, the reference historical instruments of the folk music and urban music in Anatolia… Besides, DEM’s music is carrying a desire of putting forward a mature idea for “a specific polyphony basing on Anatolian makam structures” that can be acquired through an ensemble of traditional instruments… They are at the moment are concentrating to adding the sounds of different traditional instruments and voice to the specific sound of the ensemble, leading the group to a project special to İstanbul named Erguvan… Erguvan (redbud) is the symbol flower of İstanbul, the culture capital of Europe in 2010, appearing a very short instant at every spring, thus hard to find like every delicate and gentle thing… This project is dedicated to historical music culture of İstanbul reflecting an interesting mixture of music cultures regarding Byzantine, Ottoman and Turkey’s musical cultures… The repertoire covers melodies through all Anatolian and Agean geography, but is unified in the representation of all these regional cultures in the cosmopolitan structure of Istanbul.

Dr. Murat Salim Tokaç, Emre Erdal and Cenk Güray have been spending most of their lives thinking about, dreaming of and performing their music… While their musical journeys have been advancing with different projects, they come together in the right moments for DEM, to think, to remember, to hear and to play about their inner voices and tones… The dream of DEM Ensemble (the extended version of Dem Trio) continues with the second CD, in an eternal road embellished with redbuds (Erguvan), the symbolic flower of Istanbul. The redbud appears only a very short instant at every spring, thus like every delicate and gentle thing she is hard to find.